My name is Aaron Bentley, I’m 19, and I have been dancing at Instep Dance Company for 16 years. In this time I have worked my way from Junior 1 (Pre-School), up to Company 2 and am now part of the teaching team, working alongside my teachers whom I now call my friends.

In total I have been part of over 100 show nights (school and instep), been in over 100 dances and have performed at various venues around London and the South East.


What is your favourite memory from Instep?

To put my finger on one favourite memory from Instep is impossible! I have danced with so many amazing people, have been part of some incredible showcases, and have made many wonderful memories. Instep has had a huge role in shaping my life and my personality so it’s odd to think what life would have been like without it!


What has been your favourite dance at Instep and why?

My favourite dances at Instep include:

Firstly, ‘Of Sand and Steel’ performed by the MayaKaras (2006). I wasn’t in this piece as I joined the MayaKaras the following year, however I remember going to watch the Premiere, and left amazed!

Secondly ‘Cult#2’(2009), this piece stands out in my mind as being such a powerful dance! I loved the choreography and the whole story behind it that I am remaking it with a new cast for Instep 2014 (promises to be incredible) 

As always THE FINALE! The dance that closes every year… but for me the ‘Finale’ reminds me of all the years I have been at Instep and just feels great! 


What is the most rewarding thing about dancing for Instep is?

The most rewarding thing about dancing at Instep is that you have a place where you can go, where everyone is welcome. It teaches children to have an open mind about different people, working with the opposite sex, emoting to soft lyrics and dancing the fast-tempo songs, which are great fun! The teachers are dedicated and amazing individuals, and make Instep such a joy to be a part of.


I am happiest when I am … dancing in the summer show! This is the highlight of my year… and just an incredible experience! The standard of the dancing is very strong, and when you venture outside Instep to watch other dance schools, it really hits home to how strong and professional our company is. The opportunities given, the extensiveness of the teaching staff and the bond the company has is second to none.


The cheesiest song on my ipod is ... this would have to probably be the ‘High School Musical’ album. I love it!


My role model is ... I don’t really have role models now. I feel that if I want to do something I will aim to be the best of the best, so really if I was to have a role model it would be more of a target to surpass… Growing up at Instep you have role models, and your aim is to get to that level and getting to Company 2, and in ‘The MayaKaras’ etc, I feel I achieved what I wanted at Instep. 


When I am not at Instep I also like to ... Outside of Instep I work full time as a cook in a pub restaurant… However what I ‘like’ to do is go shopping, watch TV, relax and spend time with family!


What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be one of the following;

TV Presenter

Reality TV star




Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I won’t answer this question… just watch this space!

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