Meet the Instep dancers and teachers

Name – Josh White

Age – 14

How long have you been dancing at Instep? I have been dancing for 4 years at Instep

What is your favourite memory from Instep? My favourite memory is being able to perform in Iisanmaayas and creating the dance with the different ages in the ‘Generation’ project last year.  

What has been your favourite dance at Instep and why? My favourite dance at Instep has been Shake Senora in Company 4 as it is was fast, cheerful and upbeat.

What is the most rewarding thing about dancing for Instep is? The most rewarding thing about dancing at Instep is being able to express who you are through the dances and also being able to create a variety of dances with different people.

I am happiest when I am …performing a variety of different dances. I enjoy creating movement in classes and during projects with different age groups.

The cheesiest song on my ipod is... Easy Love by Sigala

My role model is ... Rob Phillips as he is a great dancer, fun and he brings both personality and character to the performances.

When I am not at Instep I also like to... listen to music, meet up with friends and also watch some TV.

What dance company or choreographer is your biggest inspiration and why? A dance company that gives me inspiration is the street dance group ‘Diversity’. They are able to work with different groups of people and perform amazing dances.

What would be your dream job? My dream job would to be performing on stage, dancing and acting different roles and characters.

Finish the sentence - In 5 years time I see myself … continuing to dance and perform. I would also like to be able to travel around the world and explore the different cultures and even teach dance.